20 Things I’ve Learned As A Successful 20-Something


I’m 23 years old. This has been the most ruthless year of my life and it’s still not over. My past has come back to haunt me and it is time I preach my song to the choir. Over the years I’ve successfully succeeded in business: I’ve fucked too many men over, been a loving son, and I’ve made huge mistakes. I’ve begun to start fixing my past wrongs and leave these words of advice for someone who may be in my place. These are lessons that I hope will help you succeed in all aspects of your life. I’m not saying they are right. You are free to turn your nose up at them if you please. We each each see the world completely differently. I’m not saying to trust me, I’m just encouraging you try these things out yourself.

1. Always remember to call your mother, or loved one at least 3 times a week. You don’t have to thank them or talk about anything important. Just remind them you are there. Life moves past and it’s no fun seeing the ones you hold dearest disappear.

2. Don’t ever borrow money from people. Not your friends. Your drug dealer. Your co-workers. Your parents. No one. You will never pay them back, and your social circles will dissolve because of it.

3. In business, never rush to make a deal. Do not hand your business card immediately over. Get to know the person first. Treat this person like a drinking buddy and you are far more likely to succeed.

4. Don’t drink too much at an open bar. Sure they are fun, and you’re probably broke but you look bad and the parties coordinators will notice. Your invites will quickly start to dwindle.

5. Always be a gentlemen. Open the door for women. Treat them to dinner on the first date. Don’t rush anything.

6. The buildup of a relationship is as good as it gets. Once you bed her you will become bored of her. Don’t fall in love with her. You will move on. She will hate you. You will once again lose more of your social circle.

7. Stop being so concerned about numbers on your social feeds and worry about the numbers in your bank account. Find ways to increase your credit score and not your klout score.

8. Don’t be afraid to dream. They don’t have to be realistic but if they are they sure do feel good coming true.

9. Try as many things as you can. Find things you are good at and improve. You don’t need to be the best, but it will help if you can mix it up.

10. Don’t go to school to find yourself. Go to school because you know what you want to be. If you don’t know yet, go live life. Go on the internet or a library and read. Talk to people around you. Explore different places. Hopefully something will grab you. At that point apply yourself and go after your career.

11. Get out of your comfort zone as much as you can. Take chances. If you can find a way to scare yourself every day go out there and do it.

12. Spend less money on drinking and more on comfy underwear and socks. Once you start wearing proper undies you’re never going want to go back. Also anyone who has the chance of seeing you in them will be impressed.

13. You are going lose people in your life. You need to face it head on. Do not go down a road of self pity.

14. Never ask the waiter to split the cheque. You’re an adult and have learned how to add and subtract at the age of 6. You should be able to split some simple numbers apart. Or just make the bill even between all parties. It saves everybody a hassle.

15. Take a moment to read and research a post you visited before you share it on your social media feeds. Ask yourself if what you are sharing is real? What is the purpose of sharing with these people? Many people post, few people check the facts.

16. Don’t stick around people who don’t challenge you. You will have a harder time accomplishing anything. Find mentors and stick with them. Hopefully one day they will be your rivals.

17. In some ways if you are going to have a relationship in your early 20’s you might as well have a long distance relationship. This way you can waste an hour on the phone with your significant other during the day and spend the rest of the time on you. As a bonus you will fight less and save more money.

18. Stay in shape. Realistically you are going be eating shitty food and drinking too much. Hit the gym. If you can’t afford the gym, ask one of your friends with a gym in their condos. Or go for a run. Go for long walks. Just stay active. Now is your time to look your best.

19. Read a newspaper each day. Any newspaper. As long as you catch up and understand the world around you. This will aide you in contributing to any conversations you may have that day.

20. Stay grounded

Remember at the end of the day you are still in your early 20s. You have time to make these mistakes. I speak to my mom and my mentors and they still consistently make mistakes, as much as they don’t want to admit it. I’ve learned this is supposed to happen in life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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