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You Are Not A Mistake

Sometimes it’s incredibly hard to fight off those demons. The ones who attach themselves to our ankles and pull at our hair, the ones who appear in mirrors next to our tear-streaked faces. The ones whose voices ring in our ears, telling us that we are not worthy.

You are a mistake. You should not be here. You don’t belong. You will never be loved.

That’s what they would have us believe, and I’m sorry that I can’t tell you why they appear. Why they scurry out of dark corners in our minds and what possible purpose they could fulfill, other than to cause our undoing. But I can tell you that they are wrong. They may want to see you dragged down into the icy depths of self-loathing and heartbreak, but there are so many people who just want to see you smile.

People who want to see your inner universe calm and at peace; people who want to see your light chase away the stormy thunderclouds that have haunted you for far too long. Those people want you to know that you are not a mistake.

You may have imperfections, but we all do—that’s what makes us human! You may have made mistakes, but those mistakes don’t define you—they don’t make your entire existence a mistake.

When those demons scratch at your heart, gnaw at your clothes, and blind your eyes, I hope you remember that there are people who love you. People who can be the angels that chase away those pesky demons. Angels who can surround you with the love and warmth you need to pick yourself up again—pick yourself up and rebuild.

Rebuild your mind—fill it with loving and gentle thoughts about yourself. Rebuild your heart—overload it with acceptance and understanding of your imperfections.

Brick by brick. Thought by thought. Begin again. Free yourself from the judgment and shame that clouds your perception of yourself and choose to forge a new view of yourself rooted in patience and kindness.

Andrea Sachs in training.

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