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15 Mantras For Your Self-Love Journey

May is Mental Health Month, and I believe that self-love and mental health go hand in hand. It doesn’t matter whether you have been diagnosed with a mental illness or not. Self-love is something that we should all practice and practice beyond the parameters of Mental Health Month.

So whether you are well on your way in your self-love journey or are still trying to decide that you are worthy of self-love, here are 15 mantras for you to incorporate into your daily routines.

1. I am breathing life into my bones with every “I love you” I whisper to myself.

2. My light is needed in this world. I am fighting for others to bask in my warmth.

3. No one else determines my worth but me.

4. I choose to speak to myself with the same love I would address my loved ones.

5. I acknowledge that self-love is a journey and not a spontaneous event.

6. No matter how hard it gets, I will not say cruel words to myself.

7. I am building healthy foundations that will set the tone for the rest of my life.

8. Just because I find it hard to love myself does not mean that I am a bad person.

9. No romantic relationship can ever replace or make up for my relationship with myself.

10. I have changed at least one person’s life by existing and it’s time to love myself for doing so.

11. I am not defined by my darkest thoughts.

12. I have tried my best and that is all that matters.

13. I choose to love myself, especially on the days when I don’t particularly like myself.

14. There is no one who can love me as deeply and as fully as I can.

15. I am, and always have been, deserving and worthy of my own love.

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