man and woman holding hands during daytime

No Matter What, I’ll Stand By You

Tub of ice cream in hand, I will wipe away your tears with warmth in my smile.

I will fix you your favorite cup of tea and hold you in my arms with love in my heart.

With me, you will always be safe. Judgement-free, Sukhasana on your bedroom floor; let it all out—I promise to listen.

I will throw your covers back and crack the shutters, let the light in. I won’t let you sink into darkness alone.

Especially when you don’t want to, I will pull you to your feet. Your hands in mine, we’ll dance it out to your favorite song. Your living room will be our dance floor. Hit the lights—no one exists but us.

I will dust off my pom-poms for you. You have your own personal cheerleader. Every victory, big or small, I will jump into position. I will always celebrate you in every way imaginable.

And when you fall down? Your lifejacket stands before you. I will hold you close and keep you afloat. You will never drown at sea; I am not an anchor clasped around your feet. My purpose is not to see you stagnant, to hold you back and watch you sink to the darkest depths.

I want to watch you sail oceans, to find yourself over and over again in different lands—in different stages of your life.

Like a rose, I will watch you bloom, and while waters your roots, I hope to be the sunshine that aids your personal growth. No matter the season, and especially when the clouds attempt to hide me, I will be a constant; I will always be by your side. There is no getting rid of me.

Because no matter how gloomy and gray the world gets, the sun will always shine again.

Andrea Sachs in training.

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