It’s Time You Realized You Are More Than What Happened To You

So often we see Tweets and posts saying “I pray that you look in the mirror one day and see your worth”. Not seeing our worth is not the problem. We do see our worth, or at least what we believe we are worth.

We restrict our self-worth to the confinements of our past trauma. We look in the mirror and see the sharp words of our bullies stitched across our faces. We see our batted and bruised bodies that abusers left behind, like an empty shell washed up on sandy shores. We see the rejection and the abandoned past lovers that we once thought were the ones.

We look at ourselves through the lens of those who screamed, “you are not good enough!”

It is time you free yourself from the shackles of your trauma. The truth is that you will never be truly healed unless you can see yourself and recognize your worth past what happened to you.

It is time that you shed the dead weight that your trauma has weighed on your tired body. It has trapped your inner light for too long, preventing you from tapping into your endless potential.

I do pray that you look in the mirror one day and see your worth. I pray that you see the version of yourself that was made stronger and more beautiful through the trauma that you experienced. I pray that you realize that without what you went through, you would not be the version of yourself that stands today. I pray that you acknowledge your strength and power that is worthy of love and awe.

Most of all, I pray you can look at your trauma in another light, for negative things are never truly bad, they are simply the stepping stones for positive things.

Look at the goddess in the mirror shining back at you. Honor her light.