This Holiday Season, Make Me Yours

couple holding hands while walking
Sweet Ice Cream Photography / Unsplash

What is Christmas really about?

For the dedicated Christians it’s about celebrating the birth of our savior. For the children of the world, it’s about waking up on Christmas morning and running down the stairs to tear through carefully wrapped gifts from Santa. But there’s a much deeper meaning to the festive season- and a much stronger yearning experienced throughout the holidays.

The holidays are when we are at our lonelinest. We crave someone to bake sugar cookies with us and wipe the excess flour from our faces; licking the frosting from our lips.

We want someone to cuddle us when we get cold; someone to make us hot chocolate and hold our hands while watching the Christmas Prince.

The holidays are when we crave to belong to someone.

Time after time, I’ve put myself off you. I’ve convinced myself out of my feelings for you and tried to stay away from you. You give me just enough attention to keep me coming back to you.

All I wanted for Christmas was you. I wanted you to call me on Christmas Eve and tell me how happy you are to have me in your life. To wake up on Christmas morning to a message from you, telling me how you wish I was there to celebrate with you. All I wished for was for you to pull me into your arms and kiss me under the mistletoe.

I wish I would be your New Years Eve kiss- the only girl you’d want to spend the last day of 2018 with. The one person you would enter 2019 with. The person you’d want to have by your side for all 365 days of the New Year.

Despite how much you make my heart ache- I still crave for you to make me yours. And maybe… just maybe; if I wish upon a Star- the holiday magic will bring us together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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