You Deserve An ‘Ice Castles’ Type of Love

Ice Castles

There is much debate about what love really is and what the standard of a worthy relationship is. After much contemplation and watching the 2010 Motion Picture Ice Castles.

I have made up my mind.

For those who haven’t watched this tear- jerking film, Ice Castles is about a small town teenage ice-skater who makes it big and finds herself an ice-skating celebrity overnight; leaving her hometown boyfriend behind. After a tragic fall, she becomes blind and loses all hope until someone loves her back to life again.

Now Ice Castles isn’t just a movie and I’m not referring to the fact that it’s based on a true story:

The love story of Lexi and Nick embodies everything that love stands for.

When Lexi first leaves her home in Iowa and travels to Boston, she gets swept up in the fame and glamour of her new world- breaking Nicks’ heart and begins to see her coach romantically. When Lexi becomes blind she ends things with her coach Aiden, who also was only ever interested in her winning. She returns home and becomes depressed; refusing to leave her room and dismissed skating completely. But who is there to quite literally pick her up after her fall? Nick.

Nick is the type of boyfriend that every girl deserves. Lexi broke his heart and went off with another guy but the second she needed him he was there. In her darkest hours, he stood by her. He didn’t just support her- Nick got Lexi to skate again and in fact trained with her; he got her to Nationals. Aside from being there when she needed him the most and loving her despite how many times she messed up, Nick also supports her dreams.

He trains with her and refuses to let her give up. He acknowledges and sees her for all that she is worth and doesn’t let her give up when things get complicated… this is exactly what every girl deserves.

Ladies: you deserve a Nick. You deserve a love that is pure and beautiful- the playful and romantic love. You deserve a partner who is also your best friend. You deserve a guy who doesn’t give up on you no matter how complicated things get and shows up for you no matter how many times you have messed up. You deserve a guy who calls you out for backing down on your dreams and is willing to fight you to make sure you achieve your goals.

You deserve a guy who loves you.

So if you haven’t watched Ice Castles: I suggest you grab a bag of popcorn and a box of tissues. You will soon be wiping away tears, watching Taylor Firth and Rob Mayes kiss to the beautiful sound of “Through the Eyes of Love.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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