I Hope You Learn To Find Happiness In Failing

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As humans, we absolutely hate being wrong. We pressurize ourselves into studying for ten hours, while running on nothing but coffee and study medication. We over analyze and overthink situations until we have come up with at least ten possible outcomes because we are terrified of rejection. We beat ourselves up when we don’t achieve the marks we had hoped to achieve… we are a species of perfectionists

All because we let our egos get in the way.

There is a simple pleasure that comes from learning from our mistakes, that we often miss out on. We don’t experience it because we never put ourselves out there or allow ourselves to be vulnerable to failures. We are so petrified, that we would rather watch life pass us by than possibly have our egos bruised by rejection or failure. But honestly? Failure and rejection does not really exist… or at least not in the way we have perceived it to be for so many years.

You never really fail: failure is a standard that you have set for yourself. You think you have failed when you don’t get the job promotion or you think you have failed when you don’t get into the university that you have been dreaming of. But we forget that everything happens for a reason. Whether you believe in God and know that everything happens according to His plan or you believe in the universe and that destiny is something thrust upon you.

Every little incident that you experience has a purpose in your life.

As for rejection? Have you ever considered that they let you go so that you could fulfil your greater purpose? That there was someone even better in store for you than them? Yes, rejection stings like hell. But nothing feels better than that realization moment you have, when you realize that you are so much better without that person.

So, I urge you to stop living in fear. Stop being so hard on yourself when you think you have failed because the truth is: there are so many times you thought you failed and you’re bloody well still standing! And you know you are in a much better place now due to that supposed failure. Try being optimistic about life…

Things do not happen to hurt you or break you: you grow and you learn from them.

I suggest you embrace your next lesson with a positive mind set. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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