I Dare You To Not Give A Damn

person standing on wooden bridge
Benjamin Davies / Unsplash

The most exhilarating feeling I have ever experienced is finally learning not to give a damn: and let me tell you how free I felt.

Sweetheart, you spend hours trying to perfect a look that someone else loves on you. You wear the clothes that your boyfriend tells you he loves on you and you style your hair the way your friends like your hair… but what about what you love about yourself?

Do not seek the approval of otherwise; it will be your downward spiral. All you will ever do is constantly want someone else to tell you that you look beautiful and you will never be able to feel good about yourself without that affirmation.

Nothing is permanent in your life, people will often come and go- and so will all the time you spent trying to change yourself into someone they loved. The only constant in your life is you; so how about instead of trying to recreate yourself to someone else’s, who could leave your life tomorrow, liking and officially give the big middle finger.

Find what makes you feel beautiful, dress in the clothes that make you feel giddy and happy. Dance around your room in your underwear and blast that terrible pop song that you shamelessly love and just sing your heart out.

Pleasing and changing for others will never give you joy- it is time to stop caring about what everyone has got to say about you and listen to what you want to say about you.

I freaking dare you to not give a damn! If your boyfriend says he doesn’t like that new dress say I like it; if your best friend thinks you should curl your hair tonight say I don’t want to.

Live your life for yourself and just bloody well set yourself free. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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