You’ll Always Be The One That Got Away

Jenna Jacobs / Unsplash

I’ve spent so much time pondering in my nostalgia; wandering in memories that bring a smile to my face. I have always trusted God’s plan and timing: but I cannot deny that I regret letting you go.

Maybe I strayed from God’s plan by letting you go? Or maybe you were never a part of God’s plan for me? I don’t think I will ever know. What I do know is that I keep playing our first kiss over and over in my head. I still remember how giddy I felt afterwards, somewhere between a 13 year old girl and a bunny on a sugar high.

I remember how much of a perfect gentleman you were: how sweet and thoughtful you were with me. How you treated me like a princess; you saw me for all that I was worth long before I could see myself.

I owe you the greatest thanks: you showed me that I didn’t need makeup or perfect curves. You loved me for the flawed human being that I am and I was just too consumed by society to realize that I had Prince Charming all along. I had Prince Charming and I let him go…

I owe you the biggest apology for letting you go: I should’ve fought harder for you. I should’ve appreciated you more; I should’ve loved you more. I should’ve kissed you and held your hand; I should’ve watched your favorite movies with you and laughed more at your jokes; I should’ve been there for more of your hard times and loved you when you were falling apart.

I am happy for you. No matter how much thinking of you may hurt; wherever and whoever you find yourself with, I am happy for you… even if you’ll always be the one that got away. TC mark

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