You Deserve Better Than To Be His Second Best

Ben White / Unsplash

We as women are told that we are princesses: we only deserve to be loved by a prince. Up until recently, I didn’t realize how flawed this mentality was.

So,let me just get this right: I am a princess because of a man? Sweetheart, if that is really the way you are thinking, I am stopping you in your tracks.

You are a princess because your Father is the King of all Kings. And Daddy Dearest says that He made you beautiful in every way; that he as everlasting love for you and will always love you more than anyone could ever fathom.

So, if God loves you beyond compare and if He never puts you at second place, even though He has billions of His children to look after… why on earth would you let a man treat you as if you are second best?

The amount of effort someone puts into you is a reflection of how much they really care about you. Do you really think that you deserve to be binge-watching Netflix rom coms while eating your tears away? Do you really think you deserve to be burrowed in your bed listening to “break up” Spotify playlists? The answer is NO.

Pick yourself up and have a little self-love session. Put on a facemask and eat some comfort food; go for a run and do your hair; read a book and clean up your room.

Darling, don’t let your tiara slip.

You are not a princess because of some guy you are with, you were born royalty with God’s love. You have lived your whole life with a crown on your head but because you never realized you allowed others to treat you badly and you treated yourself with cruelty. You are more worthy than you could possibly imagine.

Wipe those tears, your Father has got you. TC mark

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