Wait For A Man Who Courts You

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Constant complaints. That’s what immediately pops into my head the second I hear the word “dating.” Girls are so tired of 21st-century dating and want to find their forever person, and fast!

Ladies, let me tell you a little secret: If your forever person is what you’re in search of, then drop what you are doing and let me introduce to you what Christians call courtship.

Yes; I know it sounds rather outdated and formal but the principles in which courtship is based on is what every relationship should have and what 21st-century dating clearly lacks!

What is courtship? It is a term used to describe a relationship with purpose and direction. Now before you all start panicking, I am not suggesting you all convert to Christianity so that you can finally have a solid relationship. Although finding God is a definite yes, this is not what I am suggesting nor is courtship the reason you should seek God.

Christians abide by courtship as we believe that God has a plan and has known who our soulmates are long before we ever met them. But courtship doesn’t necessarily have to be all about seeking God. Courtship is about having romance and wisdom. How many times have you gotten into a relationship way too fast and things went way too wrong?

Relationships are not just about passion. Relationships need wisdom, romance, and a lovely dose of reality. Courtship is all about building on the foundations of friendship at first. Spending time with the person, not just on alone romantic dates but also in the company of their family and friends. That’s the other aspect 21st -entury dating lacks.

We have come to believe we are moving too fast the second we meet our counterparts friends and family… but darling how on earth do you expect to get to know your significant others character without seeing how they interact with those they love? Relationships need community. You cannot shut out everyone around you to be secluded in a whirlwind of passion: that’s when the chaos follows.

Courtship is guided by respected elders, opinions of friends, and the wisdom of parents. This ensures that both parties maintain the relationship at a slow healthy pace and open their relationship up for change. The goal of courtship is not to create a “perfect” relationship but rather a constantly growing relationship.

I know courtship seems rather daunting and it’s so hard to find a guy who is wanting to commit rather than “try one get one free” but ladies it’s time to wake up and realize that we are queens and we deserve to be treated so.

Stop rushing off into relationships because you’re afraid to be alone.

Instead, wait to be courted by a man who knows what he wants in his life.

Kiss dating goodbye; courtship is the way your love life should go. TC mark

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