A Letter From A Skinny Girl

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Every time the topic of body insecurities occurs, I am stripped of my voice. Because apparently, “I have no right to have body insecurities.” Countless times I am told, “You’re so skinny,” “You shouldn’t be insecure,” “Stop looking for attention.” And without a second thought, a conversation that I feel strongly about continues with my exclusion.

Here are the facts: Everyone has insecurities; yes, even skinny girls.

Society goes on about how we mustn’t fat shame and I couldn’t agree more, but don’t shame on girls who are skinny either.

You wish you were as skinny as me and I wish I had curves like you! No, I don’t particularly like that all my clothes hang on me as if I’m a 12-year-old playing dress up. I don’t like the act that I have nothing holding up my tops or dresses. And no, I don’t like that most of my clothes are practically slipping off me.

Girls want to be skinny but all guys want are girls with boobs and an ass; you can’t be skinny and have that. While you complain about your curves I’m busy getting turned down by guys. You see, I always look “cute” but never “sexy.” Because sexy includes looking your age and having your clothes compliment you.

When you look in the mirror you see fat- when I look in a mirror all I see is skin. I do not like the way my ribs show through my skin or that the only “curves” I have are my “too big” thighs.

So sincerely, from a skinny girl: Do not think we are 100% happy with our bodies.

As much as you wish you looked like us, we wish we looked like you. So, please stop hating on us for a body we never asked to have. TC mark

Andrea Sachs in training.

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