This Is The Art Of Walking Away

Jesse Herzog

I think the hardest experience we will endure in life, has to be moving on and letting go. No, it most definitely is not easy, but it is necessary.

We never ask for pain, but life dishes it out generously. We cry when our crush falls in love with someone who isn’t us, we break when someone who meant the world to us passes away, and we shatter when someone tries to hurt us. Pain, as unfortunate as it happens to be, is a daily encounter. But, ever so often, there is a good type of pain, a very healthy pain that will ensure happiness and that is the letting go of toxicity in your life and moving on to better things.

You have to cut the strings that connect you to that one “friend,” you have to make peace with a loved one being gone, and you have to let someone you are so deeply in love with go if it means you being happy. And yes, you may feel hurt and empty…but in the long run? It’s not emptiness that you are feeling; it’s lightness. They aren’t weighing you down anymore, love.

So when you see them in a coffee shop, when you come across an old photograph, or see them pass you by: do not shrivel with fear and pain. Accept that they happened in your life, that they taught you a life lesson, make peace with the fact that you loved them and walk away.

I guess that’s the hardest part about life sometimes. Accepting that you can’t do anything about a certain predicament or that you can’t talk it out and fix it. That sometimes the only solution and the perfect, most appropriate solution, is simply walking away.

Master the art, my dear, it is the best skill you can ever learn. TC mark

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