Falling In Love With Your Best Friend Doesn’t Have To Be The End

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Your best friend happens to be the person who knows you better than anyone, has seen every possible side of you and is probably the most qualified person to own your trust.

But often than most, people fall in love with their best friends and grow scared. No darling, this is not going to turn out like some messed up episode of Gossip Girl: you are not Serena and he is not Nate! What if your person, you know “the one” that everyone keeps talking about… what if it is your best friend? It could 13 going on 30- Matt and Jenna; doesn’t that sound perfect?

Falling in love with your best friend is not easy, it’s hard to turn friendship into love. But the benefits are endless. That whole awkward stage: it just doesn’t exist! There are no needs for “first meeting the parents” and your other friend’s approval, that happened ages ago! But besides the convenience of it all; we are talking about being in a relationship with someone who has seen every one of your flaws and has stuck with you. This is someone who has held your hand through the darkest of times and smiled with you through your happier moments in life.

Yes, I know. “What if we break up and our friendship is ruined?” Why would you want to live your life on the chance of what if? Take a leap of faith and think happy thoughts. If you’re going to think what if… then how about “what if they end up being my forever person?”

Not all relationships are bound to last forever but the probability of your best friend being your forever person, are high. Remember that life happens in extremely unexpected ways: Maybe you will be Matt and Jenna and end up living in a pink dream house… I can think of much worse ways to live. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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