This One’s For The The Trans Individuals I Love So Much

Ted Eytan

I know. I know how it feels to wake up every day to a body that is not yours. I know how it feels to look in the mirror and want to cry. But this letter is not about me knowing how it feels- it’s about you understanding that no matter what gender you are, no matter what physical characteristics shape and weigh you down: that you are infinitely beautiful you.

The world is not always an accepting, forward-thinking place and on the days where individuals shout “freak” down the dark, lonely streets; on the days when wrapped gauze crush your ribs and stuffed padding in your tops overwhelm you to shattering tears: do not give up.

Shrill echoes of “why me?” may ring through every cell in your body and “I hate me” may scream from your heart but this letter is to tell you that you are loved! You are loved and you are beautiful no matter what any Transphobic, simple-minded, misogynistic individual has to say because their words are empty bullet shells. They fire at you and they hurt like hell, but they cannot wound you unless you let them because when you came into this world as a little rainbow of hope sitting in a cloud, waiting to come out one day- you were created with a barrier made of steel and you are so much stronger than most will ever be.

Now put on that lipstick, stuff your bra. Put on that men’s shirt, spray that cologne. Look at that beautiful soul standing in the mirror. They have nothing to be ashamed of and have everything to be proud of. So you walk down those streets, you walk into that gender-neutral bathroom, you sit down in that lecture and you do it with your head held high with pride.

Today, and every day after today- you will express the true you. You got this baby. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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