It’s Not A Bad Thing To Be That Partner With Anxiety

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You’re that partner. The partner that’s walked down winding roads of emotional thorns cutting at your feet and has been whipped away by storms of verbal abusive. You’ve been hurt so many times that you simply do not know what happiness feels like. You’ve heard it all- the promises of “I love you” and the talks of the future. You’ve been shaped to constantly be moving at a thousand miles per hour and be so far ahead in the future that you’ve never had time to appreciate where you are.

You are that partner. The partner that has been broken apart and put back together so many times that you can handle floods and earthquakes of emotional disaster. You are the partner that doesn’t know what it is like to be treated with respect and loved purely and honestly.

Don’t worry, I’m that partner too. And this is the best thing that I can tell you. It is not a bad thing to be that partner. It just depends who you choose to be your next partner. Choose the person who understands that sometimes you need reassurance that everything is okay and that no they aren’t leaving you and no you haven’t done anything wrong. Choose the person who forces you to slow down and shows you to appreciate the present. Choose the person who makes you see the light hearted and pure side of relationships. Choose the person who makes you happy but keeps you on your toes.

Choose healthy. Choose to love the “now.” Choose the anxiety attacks and stressed out moments. Choose the blushing laughter and awkward moments. Choose the cuddles and constant teasing. Choose the present. Choose the baby steps and the not having a clue what you’re doing.

You’ll figure it out together…and one day when you look back, you’ll realize that instead of planning a future that was never bound to happen; living each day at a time that months passed by so fast… you’ve been together for so long that you don’t remember what it’s like not to be happy.

Be that partner. TC mark

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