A Theory About Finding Real Happiness

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You’re constantly waiting for it to get better, a back seat driver to your own life while you observe the world from your peeled back bed covers. You want things to be better; you want to be happy… but the thing is you will never be happy by sitting on the sidelines. You cannot just sit in a corner and let the angst and emotional trauma sit and swirl around you-you can’t take this lying down. Happiness isn’t a feeling or a gift, it’s a damn choice.

Let me share with you the secret to life: there is no “dummies guide to life,” there’s no one telling what to do or how to feel- at the end of the day life is made up of choices, the choices that you make. How your whole life goes; that’s up to you. You can choose to be negative about everything or you can make the most out of every second of what you do.

“Give me the strength to change that which I can change and the strength to accept that which I cannot”. There are things that you will never have the power to change- you’re at work? Don’t want to be there? No one does. But spending ten hours complaining about how you don’t want to be there will not do any good.

Make the best out of every situation. If you make the best out of your work and do all the best you can- then you will get something out of it. But complaining and focusing on the negatives are only going to drag you down.

Negative Self Speech is a bloody no! What’s worse than others making you feel like you can’t accomplish anything? Having yourself tell you, you can’t do it. The most important opinion is your own-it’s the only one you should listen to and especially if it’s a positive one. Mind over matter? Put yourself in a positive headspace.

Get up—stop being a bystander to your own life. Your life is not going to get any better by you hiding away in your bed. I know it’s comfy and safe from any judgment other than your own. But you cannot expect a magic wand to save you from your own misery if you cannot get up and save yourself.

You have one life—it’s your duty to live it as fully as possible. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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