You Are The Greatest Man I Have Ever Known, And You Deserve To Realize Your Worth

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Clem Onojeghuo

You are one of the very few men I have ever trusted with my heart and you have never made me regret the choice. Sometimes I ponder why is it that you believe I am such a wonder to this world when I smother you with my sensitivity and suffocate you with endless messages and doubts of love. It crosses my mind how after all my countless flaws you still manage to believe I am a greatest hit to the soundtrack of your life… but you do not realize how this world is not even worthy of the phenomenon that is you. You live in a permanent shadow casted on you by your own expectations; completely unaware of how you exceed everyone else’s but your own. You believe that you are not worthy of all the good things in this life… but if only you took a step back to look at all that you do. You are the core of my mental and emotional stability and have not only held my hand, but the very thought of you has carried me through the darkest forests of my mind and has been my lifeboat in the rough seas of my heart. You forget that you are human and you make mistakes; it is okay to make mistakes but you simply believe that you are only made up of mistakes when selfless acts are your roots. I can never force you to see the brilliant person that you are but I can tell you that if you want to know the kind of person that you really are- take a step back and look at the lives that you have changed by staying up till 3 in the morning counseling those whose pain seemed unbearable, by letting people know that there is another way, by loving so deeply. At the end of the day you may be lost in your endless thunderclouds…but you forget that you have always been my rainbow. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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