Sometimes The Right People Meet At The Wrong Time

couple walking in the woods
Sebastian Pichler

I sat on a pavement outside a house that once was a place of comfort. Whenever we went out you said “let’s go home” to me. But as I sat weeping pathetic tears that House was no longer home. So I left you after you said goodbye with your eyes and I ran. Ran as fast as I could because you were just like the rest of them. You hurt me and you never really loved me. But that’s just the load of rubbish the voices in my head were telling me. You did love me and you still do… that’s what you were trying to tell me on that bed. But through blurry eyes and ringing ears I only heard the anxious voices telling me I would never be happy. I didn’t hear you. I didn’t hear you trying to save my heart from your own self-destruction. I didn’t hear you wanting to fix yourself so that you could take care of me. I didn’t hear you and in that moment I fled because I heard what my anxiety and insecurities wanted to hear. So maybe one day when we are both ready for it… we will be together again. Because sometimes our soulmates come into our lives at the wrong time and we have to wait till it is our time. And it hurts; it hurts like hell to have to slow things down- start again. But in the end fate has a plan and we have to trust in the universe to give us back to the ones that we love the most. Trust is all we can have and to have faith that everything will work out in the end. But I know in my heart, I love you until the end of time… come what may. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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