If You’re Reading This: I Love You

Felipe Galvan / Unsplash

Hello, I guess? I know we stopped talking, I know that you don’t want to hear me talk. So I guess you can read this instead. Space; that’s what you wanted isn’t it? You wanted to be free of me for a while but you see I can’t be free of you. Because as much as I may act tough you are still pulling the strings of my heart. You’ve still got a hold on my heart. What can I say, except that I love you. Yes, you heard me correctly: I said I love you. After all the heartbreak, the tears, and pain, after all the stitches and bandages… I love you. But nothing is ever as simple as those three little words. There’s a whole world of complications behinds such tiny little words and now I am in the position where I am no longer able to love you. But please know; just because you don’t want me to love you anymore does not mean that I do not and will not love you. Here I am rambling on; making you wonder what in the world is my point to this never-ending saga of syllables so let me make it plain: No matter how much space we take apart; no matter how much pain we cause each other; no matter how hard things may get… you will always be a part of me and just because I am no longer able to love you does not mean that I don’t want to. But your happiness is what means the most to me even if I suffer in pain and this endless cycle needs to stop. For the sake of my sanity and the sake of your happiness. But oh my, you do not understand how much I wish that we could find a way. Unfortunately so, my time is up and so is this mess of constants and vowels. My time is up and I still love you now. TC mark

Andrea Sachs in training.

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