Thank You For Being My Person

two blonde friends
Joseph Pearson

You weren’t what I expected. Before you; I didn’t believe in fate. It wasn’t love at first sight- but when I saw you, walking and talking to you friend and we looked into each others eyes… I looked into your soul. I could see the twinkle of star dust that made you shine and the love and beauty you carried in your heart. Your smile caught me off guard; it was the first thing I noticed about you. That gorgeous smile that could launch a thousand ships. No, it wasn’t a Colgate-movie-star-smile; it was a genuine happy smile. You weren’t some stereotypical idea of beauty:you were real. I determined all of this in the space of three minutes as you passed me by. I thought maybe that was the end of that and you would never know I existed but then you found your way to me. A compass guided you home to my arms where you fought to stay, despite those before you never having begged to stay and rather found themselves straying from me. I was completely unfamiliar to the feeling you awakened in me. To be so desperately in love with someone that looking at them made you smile or how their laugh made your heart do this little hiccup or how it felt to be with the right person. So here’s my little message to you: thank you not for the obvious things like making me laugh and giving me love but for showing me that I deserve to be happy and for giving me the little bit of stardust to allow myself to fall in love. Most importantly, thank you for crossing that street that day. I may not have fallen in love at first sight- but from the second I saw you; I knew you were my person. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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