What Obama’s Done Right

Everett Collection / (Shutterstock.com)
Everett Collection / (Shutterstock.com)

In my humble opinion, the only thing Barack Obama has done right is deporting the number of illegal immigrants that he has.

The majority of illegal immigration-stories you see consists of heartbreaking sob stories about mothers being separated from their children or kids not being able to get their driver’s license when their friends do. There is an overwhelming feeling of “whine and cry with me” and an air of entitlement that from DREAMERs when they speak about their place in the United States, and I’m pretty sick of it.

I am a college student and legal immigrant to the United States from Africa who recently became a permanent resident. I legally came into the United States with my parents at age 10, and we have been struggling with—and are still struggling with but obliging—the current immigration system. My family and every other family who chooses to emigrate into the United States legally has at this point contributed millions of dollars, time, energy, and just as much sacrifice if not more than those “undocumented” people and families you have to see on your television everyday.

Coming or choosing to bring your children and family into this country in legally in the first place is the first step of becoming a productive member in this society. To do anything but is to spit in the face of this country, a country that may not be perfect but is a hell of a lot better than a lot of places in this world.

Illegal immigration is greed at its core, though the people who may commit it may not realize there are thousands of people waiting in line to do it the right way. Every illegal immigrant in this country is taking the place of someone who is waiting in line for their chance to struggle in this country. Amnesty is a cop-out to others’ “opportunity.” Please stay aware of the people who choose the right way AND the realities of what people who choose illegal immigration are doing to our country while your news outlet feeds you stories about kids who are being driven like baby cattle across the desert. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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