When They Finally Realize Your Value But It’s Too Late

You may wonder or stumble upon this question and ask yourself, “Why do certain people value me the most when I’m gone?” Well, to answer your question, it’s because certain people took you for granted while they had you.

This is a very tricky concept to wrap your head around, and it makes you feel confused that someone couldn’t appreciate you when you were around and present in their life but they could easily value you when you were no longer there. I bet this unsettling thought leaves a lot of questions and confusion, but you should know that you’re valuable even when no one values you.

You must build this understanding of knowing that every person is not going to appreciate you the way you appreciate them or value yourself. Some people have the best friendships, the best relationships, and the best things, and some people will blindly ignore what precious thing they have placed right in front of them, not considering to even be present or thankful in the moment, but will later be thankful for something that no longer exists.

Not every person will have the same level of understanding you have. So, when you appreciate more and someone appreciates less, don’t think it has anything to do with you. It’s their own level of understanding, but trust me when I say that person will value you and miss you a whole lot when you are gone.

They valued all the times you made them cheerful when they were in the darkness. They saw light at the end of the tunnel when you were around. They valued all the times you took them on crazy and wild adventures. They enjoyed every moment of it. They valued all the times you cared and gave your sympathy and well-spoken advice. They needed it when they couldn’t figure things out on their own and you were there to always help. They valued all the times you truly appreciated them and didn’t take them for granted.

You made a special place in their heart, and now they slowly realize how valuable you really are.

Please don’t decide to shrink your worthiness when they realize what they lost was actually precious and not worth letting go of.

Sometimes people are a bit slower to realize things. Sometimes people are slower to realize what beautiful things they once had in their life. It doesn’t make them wrong for slowly realizing how unique and rare you are, but it doesn’t make them right for wanting you back when it’s too late.

Sometimes God will strip everything away from people so they can learn to appreciate what they once had, because when they had it all, they did not value it. They were not present in it, and they ignored something that was worthy.

Maybe you were the “all” that was stripped away from someone’s life because you were too valuable to stay. You had to leave because if you stayed, you would not be appreciated or respected the way God wants you to be. You are not valued just anywhere. You are valued where you deserve.

So, when it’s too late and they finally realize that you were worth more than they ever believed, they will come to a true understanding on who you were as a person and why you wore your heart on your sleeve so gracefully and brought joy to the world.

They will value you a whole lot because you are gone. They will never hear from you or see you again. It’ll feel like you disappeared off the face of the earth. They will see billions of faces and hear billions of voices, but none of them will ever be you, and that is why you are valuable.

I believe in you. Spread love and be great.

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