Every Photographer Is SICK Of Hearing These 5 Things

Camila Corderio
Camila Corderio

1. “Can you send me all of the photos that you took?”
No. We cannot. If you haven’t paid us for the work, then you have absolutely no right to ask for all the photographs. If you have paid us, then it’s in your best interests to let us use our expertise to select the absolute best to send back to you. That’s just how it is. You are not the photographer, so let us do our job.

2. “Can you retouch this so that it *insert near impossible request that could have been solved with a suggestion of posing during the shoot*”
Most of us specialise in the photography side, and we deal in retouching, but we’re not magicians. No, we don’t want to spend extra hours of probably unpaid labour moving the models hand two inches to the left.

3. “When are you sending the photos?” combined with “Are the photos done yet?”, “When will I get my photos?” “Hey can you send me those photos ASAP please I want to see them.”
When you decide to work with a photogapher, whether its for TF or shooting your lookbook you’ll probably have decided on a deadline, so never push for before that. No, no ‘previews’. Chances are your photographer is working the grind trying to get that sweet aesthetic you’re after, so don’t push it. If you have a photographer who sends you previews and works fast, then awesome! If you don’t, respect their time. They have other clients to deal with too.

4. “Oh you’re a photographer! Do you fancy taking a couple of pics?”
Well, I mean, are you going to pay us? If not then your request will probably be met with, “Yeah okay we’ll shoot sometime!” If you aren’t a professional model chances are we only said this to be polite. Photographers work on mutually beneficial projects when it comes to TF.

5. “Can you make me look good?”
Not only is this self depricating – no. We can’t ‘make’ you look anything. A lot of photographers will refuse to do any intense retouching because we understand that that’s harmful to the self esteem of so many people. In fact, it could be a contributing factor to you thinking you need to be ‘made’ to look good. Sure, we can tell you your best angles, but our job is to enhance the beauty you already have, we don’t need to construct anything for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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