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I had everything I wanted… And still I wanted to kill myself.

It’s true. Fourteen years ago, I wanted to die. I was done. On the outside, I appeared successful. I was living with the girl that I thought was perfect for me. I had just started my second chiropractic practice and actually had patients. I was living in a beach community near Santa Barbara.

And yet, I was so intensely unhappy. Every morning after my girlfriend left for work, I would lie in bed and cry…

I tried so hard to fix it! To fix me…I desperately wanted to be happy; to have peace. Modality after modality. Process after process. You name it. I tried it. Nothing worked.

Tired of the struggle, in desperation I threw up my hands and said, “Universe, you’ve got 6 months or I’m outta here. I’m killing myself.” And I meant it. The struggle had to end.

One week later I was looking through the classifieds and saw this tiny ad that said, “Access. All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory. Call Shannon.” Throwing the paper down I said, “Poly f-ing Anna put an ad in the paper. Ease, joy and glory? More like pain, suffering and gory!”

The next week, I saw the ad again. “This time I called. When Shannon answered the phone, I demanded, “What do you do?!” She said, “Oh, I do this thing called Access. I put my hands on your head. It’s a process called Bars. It’ll last about an hour. At worst, you’ll feel like you had a good massage. At best, your whole life will change.”

In my head I was saying, “My whole life better f-ing change or I’m out of here!” Skeptical, I decided to give it a try.

Shannon came to my office. The moment she put her hands on my head, I started giggling like a little kid and I kept giggling – for the whole session. When I got up off the massage table, for the first time in my life, I knew that everything was okay.

This session was the beginning of a whole new reality for me.

As I continued with Access, I discovered tools that actually worked and as I used the tools, I started waking up in the morning with a sense of possibility. For the first time, I was happy and grateful to be on the planet. And you know what? It keeps getting better every day!

Do you know that feeling of desperation? Have you searched for joy and peace and struggled to find it? Do you sometimes wonder if your life, as it is, is all there is? Do you long for something more?

I am living proof that more is possible. There is a space of joy and ease that you can know. Yes, YOU!!

Whether you feel completely dissatisfied with your life, or you would simply like for things to be better, use these 3 tools and watch how quickly things change!

Let Go Of Trying To Find The Answer

I had spent my whole life looking for answers. If I could only find the right answer, maybe I would be happy. Maybe my life would work. I have discovered that it’s questions, not answers that change everything.

Questions open the door to all possibilities. Questions take you beyond all of the conclusions that you have about life, about others and about you.

Two great questions to ask are, “What else is possible?” And, “How does it get any better than this?” No matter what happens. Ask these questions! Open up to the possibility that there is something far greater than you’ve ever known. Open up to the possibility that YOU are far greater than you’ve been willing to see.

Let Go Of Thoughts, Feelings And Emotions That Aren’t Yours

You might be thinking, what do you mean? How can the thoughts, feelings and emotions that I have not be mine? Actually, 98% of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that you have don’t even belong to you. You are a gigantic radar. You are constantly picking up on everyone around you.

The next time you feel sad or depressed, ask, “Whom does this belong to?” If you notice that you feel lighter when you ask, it’s because it never belonged to you in the first place.

The Ease, Joy And Glory Of Life

The tiny ad that I found many years ago is actually true! Life DOES come to me with ease, joy and glory. And it can for you too!

Every morning when you open your eyes and every night before you close them, say “All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory.” Say it 10 times. It’s like sending out an invitation and ease, joy and exuberance show up!

A life that’s more fun than you have ever imagined is possible for you! You CAN have it. A life of joy, ease and adventure is available to you NOW. Will you choose it? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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