7 Mistakes You’re Making That Are Stopping You From Finding True Love

finding love

True Love just means something that feels real, satisfying, healthy and happy.

True Love is something that everyone Deserves and should experience in their lifetime.

What’s stopping you from finding or keeping True Love?

Sometimes you might tell yourself that I don’t want a relationship or I prefer to be alone but is this really true?

Or is it just easier than putting yourself out there, may be you fear disappointment, rejection or you don’t trust your ability to choose a good person.


Desperate Dating is dating behaviors that set you up to get your feelings hurt (sleeping with married men, having sex without being in a relationship, taking care of a man).


Doing Him and not you is when you give up on your dream, goals, and aspirations.


Don’t know how to receive always giving you have to allow him to give to you because that makes him feel good. Giving all the time can make you seem desperate.


Talking more than listening just means that talking is not always in your best interest.


Some women are too masculine and this could stop masculine men from being attracted to you. Femininity has always been attractive to most men which just means being more passive allows him to approach you.


Don’t know how to say “No” to what doesn’t feel good or right to you. Fear of losing someone you like could stop you from protecting yourself but good men like a woman who can stand up for herself.


Suffering from low self-esteem but are not aware of it, this is when you let others mistreat you or you’re unhappy but you refuse to do anything new to change your situation.

How to Fix the Mistakes that stop True Love…

• Stop dating/sleeping with MEN that won’t or can’t commit to you.

•  When dating someone don’t stop doing the things you love to do because he didn’t ask you to make your life all about him. It’s your fear of losing him that causes you to give him all your attention. If you do this you may lose yourself and that will not make you happy. He won’t be happy either unless he’s narcissistic.

•  Allow the man you are dating to open doors, pay the check sometimes, pay your bills if he offers, buy you things because it shows him that you will let him be the man in the relationship. However, I’m not talking about being a user that is not cool! You give back as well in smaller ways, it’s not a competition, it’s a partnership. Being too Independent is not a good thing when it comes to a relationship. Independent means alone so be careful how you think of yourself because it affects your reality.

• If you talk too much you’ll miss important information that will determine if this man is right for you. If you let him talk without interruption, he will tell you a lot about himself that way you can make an informed decision.
•  If you like Masculine men then you need to try being more feminine which is soft, sexy, passive and observant. Passive does not equal pushover it just means that you handle disagreements in a quieter way. Like energy repels one another meaning two masculine people will not last very long. Sometimes a great smile is all you need to do to get his attention.

• Listen to your instincts, if something does not feel right or he’s not treating you right I don’t care how ‘cute’ he is, just say ‘no’. It’s your right and responsibility to protect your emotional and physical well-being.

•  Men can tell if you lack self-esteem and self-confidence and that can be used against you by him lying to get what he wants or it can be a turn-off to some because you may be viewed as a pushover. To GOOD men being a pushover means you are susceptible to being used by other men so you may not be worth the risk. Some men will have sex with you but will NOT commit to you. This can damage your low self-esteem even further so be careful not give your precious body to any man too soon.

Dating in the 21st Century is extremely challenging even though there are over 7 billion people in the world.  So why is it so difficult to just find the right one?

Today, women and men have many options, unlike the 60’s and 70’s when women were fighting for equality. Unfortunately, the fight for equality had some unforeseen consequences; one of those was that women lost control of the Dating Game. Why?

Because, we started being the boss of men and with that came suppression of the most important POWER that women possess, Femininity. Women basically turned into men, which started the age of Emotional Competition: not only do we compete for jobs, we also compete for power in our relationships.

We don’t have to compete to get what we want, we just have to reconnect with who we are and what we want and use what is inherent within all women, our femininity. If you want to find true love and keep it you have to do the work on yourself first! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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