I Repeated A Bunch Of Weird Words While On A Twitch Livestream And Now I Think My Streamers Are Dead

Flickr / Giles Turnbull
Flickr / Giles Turnbull

I’m tired, thirsty and hungry. I’ve been trying to get some kind of message out for over a day now, but nothing has worked. I can only hope it works now. My phone has no dial tone, my cell isn’t getting any signal, I can’t log in to my e-mail and any message I try to place on a forum that has personal info is rejected. I’m using a friend’s email account right now. God, I hope this one works.

I’m a YouTuber. Most of you probably know me or have seen me before. I was playing a livestream on Twitch over the weekend. The game doesn’t matter, but the viewers do. I average close to 30,000 viewers, minimum.

I play downstairs in my basement. Most of my fan base watches my videos for my horror genre Let’s Plays and reactions, so the room is typically kept dark with the light from the monitor being the only thing to illuminate my face. I try to read any comments in my stream for viewer input, to help me find hidden items or rooms and things.

During this stream there was one viewer who kept commenting, requesting I say things. I indulged them and would say their dumb lines, but they eventually started to devolve into gibberish. Nonsense words that I’d never seen before. I started to ignore them, but they kept insisting that I just say at least one. I have no idea why I didn’t kick them from my stream, but god I wish I had now.

I said the words. I can’t repeat them here because I can’t remember them, I just said them without a second thought. I have no idea if I said them correctly, but they seemed rough and guttural, like I was trying to cough while choking on phlegm. I remember thinking that I had no idea I was capable of making such a sound until I realised I was still talking.

The commenter kept writing and I kept saying the words that appeared. I’d stopped playing and I found myself transfixed to the screen. I knew what was happening, but I couldn’t stop it.

The room got colder and I could see my breath fog before me, but I wasn’t shivering. It was as if my whole body had become numb. Other commenters thought it was a joke or started complaining, but eventually their comments stopped. They didn’t leave or stop watching, they just stopped. Either they weren’t commenting anymore, or like me, they couldn’t.

I know now what happened. It was my voice reading those words, echoing from tens of thousands of speakers and headsets, my voice conjuring whatever hellish being those words summoned. I know this because I can see it. I felt its presence before anything else. This presence took the heat and life out of the room. Even the darkness seemed thicker. But I saw it behind me, through my webcam. The light from my monitor barely illuminated it but I still saw the eyes as they appeared and vanished, the mouths that were there, then never were. Tentacles with rows of teeth and no lips, long stabbing instruments like those of a mosquito, all appeared and disappeared on a floating, shapeless, impossible form.

Its body, if it can be called such a thing, was so black I’m not sure the light ever actually touched it, as I doubt anything would dare touch such an unnatural thing.


My commenting viewer is still typing the words. Still writing while I speak the words. My viewer count has barely changed. The numbers go up, but never down. People join my stream but I know now that they never leave. My words are summoning these things and it’s my words alone that are keeping the one behind me from devouring me. I know this, because the one constant thing that the creature has maintained is the sharp pressure it’s exerting into the base of my skull.

I’m tired, thirsty, hungry, and cold. I know I can’t keep talking forever. I can see dark patches of flesh on my face, my lips are cracked, the blood is frozen and I stopped being able to feel my feet and fingers long ago.

This isn’t a call for help, as I know I won’t survive this. This is a request. Find my house and burn it to the ground. Don’t let these things loose. Please. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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