This Is Why You Lost Me

Clem Onojeghuo

I lost you to a woman with lustful curves,
Whose fluttering eyes and your heartbeat synced,
You didn’t think twice, you wanted to taste her,
You left taking with you nothing, but somehow everything.

I remember waking up in the morning,
Missing your arms; hating your disloyal heart.
I remember waking up alone and crying,
Thinking it had been months since we stayed apart.

But all winter birds do fly back home in time,
And there you were at my doorstep, disheveled.
You had turned into a man I couldn’t recognize,
Your heart was done with tasting temptation.

I almost wanted to embrace your mistakes
I came close to kiss your apologies.
But from the dawning truth, I couldn’t escape—
In your absence, I became a better me.

I am sorry but I must close this door,
I choose separation, rather than our forever.
I know your thirst and hungry can’t be controlled,
When you leave again my wounds will get deeper.

Men like you, don’t like having their roots deep,
Monogamy is something you want to eradicate.
I’m a woman with a one love one life ideology,
You cannot challenge this truth, so walk away.

When I lost you, I almost saw my end,
But I learned to write a new story for me.
The truth is I’m satisfied with karma’s revenge:
Now you’ve lost me, for all eternity.
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