To The Girl Who I Never Thought Would Love Me Back

Adrianna Calvo
Adrianna Calvo

In the midst of our journey of love,
You liked me, I was aware.

I liked you, you weren’t ready.

Now the time’s finally right, and everything’s in place, no but’s, if’s, not now’s.

You walked into my life when I was completely off guard,
You had me right away, ‘coz I knew this time, it’s ours.

To have a place in your heart, and a role in your life,
It was absurdly out of the line, so unseen, so unplanned.

You were too busy building yourself up that you were unaware I was falling for you.
Your eyes remained calm; yours hands were never stiff,

Your lips so pale, your heart was so unshaken.
Then and there I thought I won’t have you.

You were too amazed with your life’s biggest achievements that you never noticed someone was admiring you from afar. Someone who never knew how to express the deep feelings and that hidden admiration. You built yourself up that you forgot to learn to let yourself love again. You built yourself up that you’ve decided that being broken would never be you again. You built yourself up so high that I thought I could never reach you, but you still came to me. You built yourself up to even help yourself keep up with life’s challenges in ways that you never knew you could do back then. You built yourself up in so many ways that you had grown so independent and free.

I was so unsure, undecided, so scared of finally falling for a girl like you, completely. So lost for words that I myself kept in the dark, that I never knew how I had the urge to go up to you and be proud. You suddenly opened your heart the moment I knocked. You opened and gave another chance for it to be whole again, another time for you to fall again, but this time deeper in a way that my love would just have you breathless. That in every step, I’d make a big impact and let you remember for a long period of time. And maybe, just maybe, there was a sign that this was the right time, and I’m sticking with this, with you, and with us.

When my heart feels heavy, you always have the right words to say, the perfect melody to sing.
When my eyes feel teary, you let me weep tears of joy that that happiness meant a lot.
When my soul feels broken and unsure, you always light my way and teach me the right ones.
When my days seem to have no direction, you guide me to becoming a better person someone who does not seek revenge or anger, but love and contentment.
When my decisions don’t compromise with my needs and wants, you put me before you and make sure everything is worth it, that we are worth it.
When my mind feels lost, your kisses take away my worries and fears and bring me back to my sane self.
When my hand turns cold, you bring this kind of security, that your hands welcome me and make me feel like I’m home.
When my arms feel empty, you stay beside me and let me wrap my arms around you for I know for those seconds I am home.
When my soul needs warmth, you bring me this feeling I can’t contain, I could never even ask for more, your love is just so much.

No words would amount to the feelings I have, No pen and paper could express, No days would be left saddened.
You are mine, and I’ll cherish you forever, my Love.

I love you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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