Here Is Your Reminder That Life Is About Balance

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Your thoughts create a new world, a world you always imagined or the world you don’t want to exist.

These two worlds depend on your thoughts, and how you feel at the moment. If your current situation is falling into place, your thoughts seem to be filled with positive, beautiful, and colorful imaginations. Nothing can make you feel the opposite. It’s everything you wished for—the perfect, the positive and the colorful.

But other times, life makes you feel the worst.

Wishing the pain will soon be over. And hell the thoughts you wished didn’t exist. You are filled with negative emotions that will surely ruin your day or even your whole week. These are the moments you don’t want to remember after getting through it. How horrible life can be to you?

It is in these worlds where you see clearly who you are. When the world is in your favor, you are behaving best. You enjoy every moment and hope that moment will never end. When rocks are thrown at you, you behave differently. You are cursing the world, and praying things would just end. You learn so much about yourself and that is a good thing. 

These worlds are controlled inside your mind. You dictate your behavior in certain situations. Why not turn those rocks into rainbow and sunshine? I’m sure you can do that. It just takes time.

It’s in human’s nature that you want the best, and only the best feeling and experiences. But other times you are given a bigger challenge.

Life is about balance. You can’t always have the perfect world. You will always have both the pretty and the ugly. But it doesn’t really matter. Because if you only have the good, you will never learn.

Learn the art of balancing the good and the bad. See for yourself. You will be a whole different person.

The balance keeps us going. TC mark

I write to understand myself.

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