I Waited For You

Anders Jilden

If it’s meant to be it will be, everyone reminded me.

They always told me that I should never wait for you. Because waiting is a sign of desperation, but it didn’t feel that way. What I felt was genuine. Love was what I felt in that process.

Some may find waiting as a negative action, but for me it isn’t. After everything I’ve been through I know in the end I’ll always wait for you. I’ll wait for the call that might not come, your random messages, your call, and maybe waiting for you just to miss me. I didn’t get that. I waited still.

My heart was empty, and feeling so lost. Because I realized I was waiting for nothing. I imagined things that might happen. It was a routine. Everyday my head was filled with these thoughts of you and the things that might occur, but I didn’t happen. It was all inside my head.

Life has unexpected turns.

Even if you are waiting, and just waiting, nothing good will come to you. You have to put it out there. Try to make things work. That’s what I did. I gathered all my strength to finally reach out.

You can never tell what is inside a person’s head. What I found out was—the person was also waiting for the perfect timing to finally reach out. Waiting for someone isn’t a bad thing, but be sure to be brave enough. Because some of the things we are waiting for aren’t coming back.

Even if you aren’t sure, try. In this world full of unexpected turns, you can never wait. You just have to put it out there. Compose yourself and face the world. Waiting is just an excuse.

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