I Got Cat Called Today…And I’m So, So Glad

Christian Gertenbach

But before that I was confused on what I was going to wear for the day. Am I going to wear a long flowey skirt and a long-sleeved turtle-neck? Or should I wear that lacey backless dress? Like most girls, I really don’t care about my outfit as long as feel comfortable and look good in it. But sometimes I’d wear socks before I put on high heels and sometimes wear a hoodie over my dress. Weird, I know, but it just kind of depends on my mood.

I ended up wearing jeans, a long-sleeved shirt and some wool gloves since my hands easily get wet and I just felt like wearing them.
I got catcalled today, and I’m happy.

But before that I was annoyed by my mom’s relentless nagging about why I was going outside when it’s a holiday and that I should be doing my projects and homework. I understand that she cares for me and she knows what’s good for me, but I promised my best friend I’d help her with her paper. I kept on telling my mom that I and my best friend were going to do the project together. She was skeptical, but then gave in and agreed to let me visit my best friend.

I got catcalled today, and I’m happy.

But before that I helped my best friend with her literature paper as we rolled in her bed scattered with magazines and snack wrappers. We talked about a lot of stuff like happenings in our school and stuff we read form the magazine and on the internet. We noticed how the catcalling culture is on a rise, and in line with that, someone from our school was raped. We talked about how climate change is real and is happening, nasty cross-culture food videos, a man near town went missing, DIY kitchen and house hacks, feminism, men are pigs and all other relevant and irrelevant stuff.
I got catcalled today, and I’m happy.

But before that I was worried because I lost track of time from talking with my best friend and I realized it was getting late. We finished working on her paper and fixed her room. My friend’s mother suggested I eat supper with them but I politely declined and told them my mother’s waiting for me at home. I packed up my small bag, went out and got greeted by darkness; the moon was hiding behind thick clouds. My friend’s house is a few miles away from our home, and I had to cross a dirt path with a lake at the right if I wanted to get home quicker.

But I wasn’t in a hurry. I felt adventurous and took the long way.

I got catcalled today, and I’m happy.

But before that I was walking and humming to myself. Taking long walks is a therapeutic exercise for me as it gives me a peace of mind and helps me think and focus on the things I have to do.

As I was humming show tunes accompanied by the sound of my footsteps on gravel I heard something.

A whistle, coming from behind me; someone was calling my attention.

Followed by footsteps. Heavy footsteps.

And then a deep voice.

“What a pretty young lady”

He was getting closer.

I stopped humming.

“What’s the matter, girl? I was enjoying your song.”

I could feel his presence behind me; I sized his shadow and realized he’s just as tall as I am.

“Why don’t you smile for me, huh?”

I faced him, and boy did I smile.

I got catcalled today, and I’m happy.

Happy that the man was there.
Happy that he approached me.
Happy that that he didn’t mind that I was reaching something in my bag
Happy that he wasn’t expecting I’d be quick
Happy that it only took me one try to hit his jugular vein
Happy that he wasn’t as heavy as I expected him to be
Happy that I wasn’t far from the lake
Happy that I was wearing gloves.

It’s been a while since I last indulged on my hobby. The man near our town was a difficult one: he fought hard and disposing his body was strenuous, but I got rid of him eventually. This man, however, made things easy for me. Some girls might cower and run when they get catcalled. Others talk back and even fight. Girls shouldn’t be afraid; I’m sick of the notion that girls are weak objects that men can easily harass and therefore should always be careful. We are more than that. If there’s one thing that men should always do to women it should be respecting us. And if they have a problem with that, that’s where my hobby comes in; and boy does my hobby make me happy.

Somehow I wasn’t expecting to get catcalled in the clothes I’m wearing. That just goes to show that men really are pigs and don’t care what you look or wear just as long as he has a place to stick it in. I even have a strong feeling this is the guy who raped one of the girls from my school. The thought of avenging one of my kind makes me even happier. It gives me purpose. It gives my hobby justification, that I should continue my work.

I got catcalled today, and I’m happy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Yet to find my way out of the catacombs of knowing who I really am.

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