You Were My Robin, But I Wasn’t Your Ted. I Was Your Barney.

Amazon / How I Met Your Mother
Amazon / How I Met Your Mother

Right from the start I knew you were my Robin.

You were troubled and messed up. Everyone else was busy, but I was there for you. I was there when you needed someone to lean on.

I made time for you. I made an effort to help you. I knew by then you were different. You were different from the other girls out there.

It didn’t take that much time for us to fall for each other. We got along right away because we liked the same things and we were similar in some things we do. We had great moments together, picture-perfect perhaps. It felt like we were perfect for each other, and we were really fit for one another. We had our ups and downs, but we were both there for each other. We had misunderstandings, but we valued our relationship more than our pride.

Others said we were cute and we were their “relationship goals.” But I wasn’t your Ted. I was your Barney.

When everything seemed to be falling into place, there came life. Life happened. We were for one another, but life was against us. Life tore us apart, life was beginning to make us grow apart.

Conversations got shorter, meeting up was a struggle, problems got worse and everything just seemed to fall apart. Busy schedules and personal matters, we decided to end our relationship. It was painful, but we said it will benefit us. It would give us space and time for ourselves. You were my Robin.

I am sorry I couldn’t be your Ted.

I would love to be, but maybe not today, not tomorrow. Perhaps when the timing’s right we can begin again. We know anything can happen in a year or two.

We can be together again soon, but we’ll be two different persons by then.

Thank you for the time and memories, I would always cherish those moments.

Goodbye, I love you.

I am your Barney. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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