White Woman Demands Unprotected Sex, Holds Black Man Hostage: Privilege And Brutality In Action

I don’t usually tolerate WorldStar videos like this but the circumstances here just truly outraged me. Warning, this was a rough video to watch.

The situation is that the woman in the video apparently met the man at Wal-Mart and, supposedly, hit on her and they decided to have sex. Once they arrived at her home she demanded that he have sex with her without using a condom because she wanted to get pregnant. When he repeatedly refused, asked for a condom, suggested other kinds of sex, she threatened to call her landlord and claim that he was refusing to leave her home with the implication being that she was willing to do anything to make him comply with what she wanted. And he also appears to now be stranded and she will not take him home, does not offer to call a cab, nothing.


This is unhinged behavior and I can only imagine that the man in the video is regretting having ever hit on anyone at Wal-Mart, ever, but I did find myself asking myself if this woman would have demanded these things, threatened these things if the man had been White. The obvious implication here is that he has to get her pregnant or she’ll report that a Black man is in her home and will not leave. She’s threatening to report rape or at least assault. This is racism and the destructive effect of hateful privilege in action. While the guy’s game is definitely pretty scummy, the woman’s behavior is an insult to women everywhere who’ve been victims of actual abuse, who’ve had boyfriends or husbands who were violently angry and wouldn’t leave when asked and wouldn’t stop when told to.

No, we are not on the plantation and you are not the boss. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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