Take Me To A Place Where I Can Be Free

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Take me somewhere, anywhere, where I have no worries, no anxiety, and no fear. Where I’m not afraid to leap into love because I’m scared to get hurt. Where I don’t feel like I can’t trust people because too many times, too many people have disappointed me. Where I don’t feel pressured to do a certain thing or be a certain way.

Take me somewhere where every false move I make isn’t condemned. Somewhere where I get to make mistakes, for it’s through those mistakes that we learn, and through that learning that we grow. Some place where failure isn’t seen as weakness, but the comeback is seen as strength. Take me somewhere where my strengths are worth more than my weaknesses and where people also point out my good deeds, instead of only judging me for all the wrong ones.

Take me somewhere where my choices can be made without anyone else influencing them. Without anyone else controlling them, just because they feel as if they need to control me. Because no one can control me. I’m not here to be tamed, but to make my own decisions and grow freely… beautifully.

Take me somewhere where I can peacefully appreciate the good things in life and the good in people. Somewhere where I can be alone without ever feeling lonely. Somewhere where independence isn’t seen as recklessness but seen as autonomy, the ability to take care of self, and maturity of thought.

Take me somewhere where I can scream. Where I can share my voice and actually be heard. Somewhere where my opinions matter and people don’t make strange facial expressions after I speak, because my thoughts are too different, too unconventional, too weird for them.

Take me somewhere where perfection isn’t the standard, for everyone understands that even at the cellular level, none of us are perfect. Somewhere where people understand that it’s in the small imperfections where the beauty of life lies. Where people accept us for not only what we are, but for what we are not. Somewhere where our flaws, too, make us beautiful.

Take me somewhere where I can truly be myself. Somewhere where I get to be wild, stubborn, and beautiful. Somewhere where I can smile about everything and cry for nothing at all because that’s who I am. Somewhere where I feel worthy, protected, even sheltered. Where it’s so incredibly easy to be positive because goodness is all around me. Somewhere where moving on is a choice, not a necessity. For we are all broken, just wishing to go somewhere where our broken pieces are seen as nothing more than art.

Take me somewhere, anywhere… where I’m free to be free. TC mark

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