11 Steps To Writing Your Next TV Pilot


You have a great idea perfect for the small screen. It grew from an intense life experience, but your writing skills and smarts will make it a great piece of fiction. Lena Dunham better watch her back because you put the “or” in original.  Now it’s time to write.

1. Brainstorm and Outline. 

It’s all about building that amazing foundation.

2. Write it as a half hour sitcom. 

This show is going to be hilarious despite the heavy issues your characters face. They’ll laugh through all the tears.

3. Realize that your premise is not half hour sitcom material.

It’s way too dramatic and deals with issues that can’t be wrapped up in a neat bow like on Full House.

4. Brainstorm and outline your show as a drama. But make it a feature.

Isn’t the lucrative money in film anyways?

5. Decide that you don’t want to be a feature writer just yet.

All the fun is in TV, right?

6. Write it as an hour long drama.

They’re looking for the next Shonda anyways, so add a love triangle and some betrayal.

7. It’s getting a little ABC Family in here.

That’s not who you are. You’re edgy. You’re Showtime, you’re HBO.

8. Go back to the drawing board. Age your main character, make her naughty and make her fuck her sister’s teacher. HBO’s going to love this.

9. Brainstorm and outline.

10. Check your calendar.

You’ve been working on this for the past year and a half. Shelf it.

11. Come up with a new idea and start the process all over again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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