This Is What It’s Like To Meet A Confident Woman

photo of woman holding white and black paper bags / Unsplash

A confident woman is not someone you can play or mess with. She has a deep-seated confidence that will put an end to your third-rate mind games. She might play dumb and try to overlook your narcissism, but she perfectly knows your endgame and she won’t let you get away with it.

Consider yourself lucky if you can spend time with her, if you are given a chance to get a glimpse of her real world. She might let you see her hustle with a blind hope that it might inspire you to step up to the plate, that maybe it’ll push you to start with a clean slate. She will be patient enough to wait for you to evolve, but she also knows that her time is precious, so know that she will drop you the moment you get cold.

Cliche as it may sound, she really knows what she brings to the table, so understand that she won’t settle for anyone’s scraps. There may be days when it seems like she’s just wandering, not knowing which way to go, but that’s just her way of unwinding and a way to get ready to grow. She’s not afraid to change whether it’s her looks, her job, her address and her goals. Most of the time she goes with a plan, but she can also improvise and just let things flow.

She’s going to be different from anyone you’ve met — she does not feed on people’s compliments and you’ll rarely see her get upset. She’ll give you a genuine smile if and only if you exceed her expectations, but she’ll also call you out on your bullshit without hesitation. She doesn’t care about people hating her or talking behind her back. She doesn’t mind being labeled names that aren’t based on facts. She has walked in and out of bad days and she’s ready for more. She appreciates help but she has proven time and time again that she’s fine on her own.

If her independence silently intimidates you, know that there will come a time when she’ll see that too. You can never blame her for how she was raised; you can’t tell her to drop her standards and just expect her to lose face.

If you think that you can put her under your charm and spell, I’m afraid to say that you don’t know her very well. You can tell yourself that someday she’ll be wrapped around your finger, but that way of thinking is simply like building castles on the sand. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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