The Truth Is, Your Relationship Will Probably End

It’s funny how relationships always come to an end. It’s as if there is always an expiration date on these fervently-built romance. Not that I am generalizing all relationships don’t last. There are just factors that can be considered for me to be able to say that almost all love affairs go through a cycle or a routine.

It’s never unusual to see perfectly-looking couples spend most of their time cuddling and showing or expressing their amor fervidly. In fact, relationships always start there and believe me – it could be the best feeling in the world. To feel that somebody is there for you, somebody is head over heels for you. There are also times when you feel like its you and your partner against the world, against all odds. This is the initial stage of a relationship and you might have noticed that everything goes smooth-sailing from the start. At this point, it will not be impossible for you to say that you will forever be like this – filled with so much blithe, as if you only just need the two of you to live. Everything just goes perfectly sound, running the way how both of you wanted it to take place. Everybody might be supportive with what seems to be such an enchanted and magical feeling of being in love, being with a person whom you think you can spend the rest of your life with. When you are with your significant other, time flies and before you know it, it’s time for both of you to go home to your respective houses. When you reach home, you exchange several “how-was-your-travel, have-you-eaten-your-dinner-yet text messages or what-not’s. You will surely be texting and communicating 24/7, burning the lines like there’s no tomorrow. You don’t usually fight over petty and trivial matters and perhaps, the word understand still swathes the whole relationship. Before you go to sleep, you never forget to type in those mawkishly sentimental sweet nothings and hit that send button. You will never fail to compliment each other and tell how great the day was to be able to spend it with you. You close your eyes and hit the sack with a smile on your face. Sometimes you get all those sanctuary of butterflies in your stomach and it never escapes you until you finally get to sleep.

A few more days, weeks, or who knows…months where all of these things become a routine to the relationship and somehow, at some point, you all get fed up. Don’t get me wrong here – I’m not saying both of you will get tired and bored of this ever repeating cycle. Its just that there will come a time, when you get to know the person very well to the point that you don’t have anything left to ask him just to even spark a conversation or two. The stage of getting to know has already passed by and this time, even if somebody gives you a quiz about your significant other, you might or might not be able to answer it. Somehow, somewhere in the middle of the journey, somebody gets tired of repeating all these steps. In other words, somebody stops trying. This time, every hour, every day that passes, you will get caught in the so-called LOVER’S QUARREL. Yes, it’s normal for every relationship to have bad and nostalgic mementos. As a matter of fact you need the sun and the rain to create the rainbow you always dreamed of seeing. But this time, its different. Before, when you get in a fight, you can easily make amends and sort it out right away. The feeling of fear of loosing each other is still there. Before, that one thing that you have been protecting and bringing up on high – your pride and ego, can be easily kept inside a plastic bag and throw it in the vast horizon. Now, its the other way around. There will be a lot of tests and challenging of each other’s pride – who says sorry, who admits a wrongly done act and who swallows their pride just to save the relationship. This is tested this way because it can only show who is afraid of loosing who. Before, your diary would be empty – you can’t write anything because you are jovial and when you are in the paramount of your euphoria, you burn the day. That is why you don’t get to write anything on your journal because you are out in the open, under the sun, spending the day with your loved one, you get all tired and never have the time to write them down on a piece of paper. Those happy memories will forever be kept in the recesses of your heart and mind. But this time, it’s different. Your diary will be fool of entries, almost everytime when you feel nostalgic. There will be a lot of extreme harsh tapping on the keyboard when you are writing your diary online and there will be countless drops of tears blotting on the sheets of your diary. Because of your anger, and grief you won’t mind how illegible your handwriting is and how you can scratch that sheet using the sharp point of your pen. There will be a lot of smudging eyeliners and mascaras because your tears took time to dwell on them. You will have plenty of time for yourself, self-pitying, reading articles online where you can identify and assimilate your experiences as you find refuge in those people who are feeling the exact anguish you are glooming tonight. A few hours, days and who knows, weeks, will past but still none of you has exerted some effort just to make amends and compromise, let down the pride and give importance on the person. None of you is making a move. And all these, all these things will make you cry,  frustrated and angry to the point of even thinking of breaking it up just because perhaps one may want to see if the other can live without her or him. Or sadly because that’s just the best thing to do and its you two realized its not working out and it will never work out. You get too attached to the idea that you are used to not having each other everyday, every waking hour of the day. You will get used to everything and it wont be something new to you and your senses. Everything just falls apart like tiny pieces of powdered foundation that fell from your hands to the floor.

However, deep inside, you know that there is still a tinge of reconciliation and lots of making up. In fact, its you who can decide over this. At this point, you have two options to choose from. Two options. One, you get of your butt, get a knife, kill that pride and face the problem – face the person whom you love the most, whom you cannot imagine living without. Hug the person you love and never let go of them especially if they are the ones fueling your passion for doing something and achieving your goals, proving yourself to the your family, friends, and to your lover. Apologize and promise to never ever repeat what you think you might have done wrong. Don’t even start to blurt out your nonchalant justifications. Just say you are sorry and don’t try to prove any part of your decision that you might think right. Or the other option, have a graceful exit, leave and move on. Think of it as a bit of the what we call spectrum of relationships cycle.

Now, the questions affronted should be which path are you going to take? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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