8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Date A Girl Boss

1. She’s decisive.

A girl boss knows what she wants; who wouldn’t want to bring a girl that always has a plan to a date? She’s spontaneous and she doesn’t need to seek an approval with what she’ll do because she knows it’s best for both of you. But don’t get dismayed, she respects you. Girl bosses also want surprises, but in times of uncertainty, there’s no need to compromise. You just have to relax because she already got you. Be always confident that this intelligent woman won’t come up without a well-thought-out plan. So the next time you’ll pop out the question, “Where do you want to eat?”, fear nothing, she already prepared a list.

2. She has standards.

You should feel honored. This girl will never settle for anything less than she knows she deserves. Among the entire qualifications on her list, she chose to date you. She believes in you. And she will never doubt you in whatever decisions you do because she whole-heartedly trusts you. You must be a good catch!

3. She creates her own opportunities.

Well, according to the Girl Boss herself, Sophia Amoruso, a girl boss should know that there is no finish line – fortune favors action. Also according to her, “Race balls-out toward the extraordinary life that you’ve always dreamed of, or still haven’t had time to dream up. And prepare to have a hell of a lot of fun along the way.” Yes, you got it right, dude. That girl is quirky in all the right ways. Once you date her, there will never be sad days. No bad vibes because she can always find the good in all the bad, the greatest favors in all the most unfavorable situations. That girl knows how to develop her weaknesses to strength. She wakes up every day knowing all the odds will be in her favor and if not, she will surely find a way to make it work.

4. She’s passionate.

Passionate girls love harder; once she enters a relationship she will undoubtedly put her all to it. She will make you feel that you’re truly cared for. A poetic-kind-of-love which is all giving and consuming at the same time; but no need to bother, she will never be selfish. She knows you also enjoy hanging out with your friends and family and she respects your space and time the same way she wants you to respect hers.

5. She’s an achiever, a goal digger.

Girl bosses definitely have an incredible work ethic; she won’t get that title if she’s not. So believe me when I tell you that she has the wildest dreams and she’s working hard to get it. You’ll be mesmerized on how well she’s working her ass off for that great success to come her way. This wonderful girl surely includes you in her future plans and will also inspire you to give out your best to achieve whatever you desire for your life. What’s sexier than a girl who has big aspirations in life and can help bring out the best in you?

6. People look up to her.

She has this long list of awards and accomplishments under her name. You will be overwhelmed knowing the fact that she is a big inspiration to others. People aspire to become like her, to be in the same position as to where she is now and to have almost all the achievements she gained. You will be proud on how well she built up her name and how people treat her. She handles stress professionally that even though she’s tired and exhausted she can still manage to flaunt her beautiful smile because she knows people are looking forward to see her. Other men line up to be with her, how amazing that should feel knowing the fact that she’s holding your hands and not theirs?

7. She knows how and what to prioritize.

More than being focused in achieving her goals, a girl boss visualizes what she wants rather than getting distracted by what she doesn’t want. She weighs things fairly. So she’s well aware that you’re one of her best priorities. She’s not that clingy but she will love you dearly. She will give the best efforts for you. You know she’s a good time manager.

8. She’s loyal and serious.

You may have seen how dedicated she is whenever she’s in the office, doing her craft, juggling all those meetings and paper works every day. She might have conversations with a lot of people from all walks of life but always keep in mind that this girl is faithful. She will never make a move that will hurt anyone she loves and she cares for. After all, she never let just anybody into her personal life. This girl is very keen to details and she takes everything seriously. She will always remember all your traits, even the ones that others may not have, and what made her fall in love with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Fall seven times; stand up eight. ♥

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