How To Get Out Of Your Own Way

Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up and automatically feel off? Like today is going to be a bad day? Have you been in a funk that you feel like you just can’t get out of? Well stop, right now. Snap out of it. Get those negative thoughts out of your brain, and read this. You’re doing just fine, and you can do even better if learn how to get out of your own way.

Studies show that 92% of people who set New Year’s Resolutions each year never actually achieve them. That means only 8% manage to get out of their own way and focus on making those goals a reality. If you want to be able to set goals and actually start achieving them, here are some steps you can take to get out of your own way and turn this year around.

Start Your Day Without Technology

How many of you start your day by immediately checking your phone? Social media, news, or to see if that boy you like has texted you back yet? This is a habit you need to break. Social media is a highlight reel- and it’s only natural to start comparing yourselves to people’s highlights. The news can be chocked full of negativity, and while it’s so important to stay informed, it doesn’t have to be the first thing you read when starting a new day. Checking your messages first thing makes you become reliant on other people to set your mood for the day. You are in control of your emotions and setting your mood, so instead try this.

Wake up. Start with your morning coffee or breakfast. Hydrate. Take a walk outside- a few minutes in nature can do wonders for the soul. Do some physical activity- studies prove exercise releases endorphins, which make you feel happier. Recite a mantra (if you’re not sure what to say, you can use mine: I am strong. I am brave. I am courageous. I am smart. I am beautiful. I am good enough.). Read a devotional or a book you love.

The point is to get yourself into a routine that isn’t contingent on immediately checking your phone. Social media can wait. The news can wait. That boy texting you can wait. Your sanity and peace of mind can’t wait. You need to make yourself a priority at the start of your day. Everything can follow.

Set Goals and Focus in on Them

In order to achieve those New Year’s Resolutions or goals you’ve set for yourself, you need to be able to hold yourself accountable for them. This means writing them down. If you need to, write them down multiple times. Mine get written in my planner, on my dry-erase calendar, and in my Start Today journal each and every morning. When you see them every day, it’s easier to focus in on them.

Once you’ve written them down, write down the steps you need to take to accomplish each one. To help you focus each morning, choose one (and yes, I mean one) to focus on. Don’t multitask. Simply hone in on one to-do, and once you’ve accomplished that, move on to the next. This will give you a sense of accomplishment so you feel motivated to keep going, versus working on multiple tasks at once and never finishing any of them.

Create a Support Group

This may seem like a no-brainer, but all successful people have some kind of support group behind them- whether that’s their family, friends, co-workers, or social media followers. You have to recognize that you can’t do this on your own, and that’s okay. No one expects you to. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I think every self-help author I’ve read has given me this advice. Talk to your friends and family about your goals. Ask their opinions. Go to therapy if something is holding you back from achieving your goals. Don’t ever be ashamed that you can’t do this on your own, because you weren’t meant to.

Every teacher you ever had was once a student who didn’t know anything about the subjects they’re teaching. They had to learn from their teachers and seek out the wisdom they offered to become the teacher they are today. Every successful athlete you see on TV had to hire a coach, because there was a point in time where they weren’t the best of the best. Instead they surrounded themselves with a support group of people who taught them and helped them focus on achieving their goals.

Make the choice to surround yourself with like-minded people who encourage you to reach for success and strive to be your best. You eventually become like those your surround yourself with, so seek out people who have achieved the success you want and ask for their expertise

These are just a few ways to get out of your own way, and start achieving your goals. Be a dreamer, but also take steps each day towards accomplishing those dreams. You CAN do this. You are the only one standing in your way.

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