I’m Still Not Giving Up On You

Flickr / (Salt of the Earth)
Flickr / (Salt of the Earth)

To the guy I never gave up on but who decided to give up on me:

Hi, my love! I never thought it would end this way. You said you will never give up. On me. On us. You said you would stay no matter how complicated things become. You said you would never leave. You didn’t just “say” it. You “promised,” love, you PROMISED.

I held onto to every single promise, to every single word in all your promises. I believed every “never,” every “promise,” every “sorry,” every “always.” I believed every “I promise baby I’ll never leave,” every “I’ll always choose you, my love,” and every “no giving up.” I didn’t just “believe” you. I “trusted” you, my love, I TRUSTED you.

I trusted you that you’ll keep all your promises. I didn’t think all the “I’ll never leaves” would turn into “I can’t do this anymore” and all the “No giving ups” would become “Let’s end this.” I never imagined this would happen. I thought you wouldn’t give up because I never gave up on you. But you gave up, love, you GAVE UP.

You gave up because I made a mistake, because I hurt you, because I pushed you to the edge. You gave up because I didn’t give you what you wanted and when I finally gave it, it was too late. I know every reason why you gave up and I’m sorry, I really am. I couldn’t blame you for giving up baby, I can’t. And as much as I want to hate you for giving up on me, on us. I can’t. I just can’t. I love you that much, baby, I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH.

I love you still and always will, and you know that. You said you loved me too, so much. But I guess love isn’t enough for you to stay. Love isn’t enough for us to work. Maybe love is never enough. But here’s one thing I want you know: I’m still here waiting, my love. I don’t know until when. I don’t know for how long. But even though you decided to give up on me, I’m still not giving up on you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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