Thank You For Those Darkest Days, For I Now Know The Price I Have To Pay For My Light


Thank you for those seconds of depression that seemed to last forever, for I know now how high I can fly in my best days;

Thank you for the emotional pain that seemed to leave wounds all over my body, for I know now the freedom of opening up to vulnerability;

Thank you for all those rejections that cut into flesh like a sharp knife, for I know now the value of love and acceptance;

Thank you for the losses that I have imprinted into my road of life, for I have discovered the value of meeting people who would otherwise never break into my all-built-life;

Thank you for my physical imperfections, for they taught me dig further through the perfection of the body into the beauty of a soul;

Thank you for the ruined plans and shattered dreams, for they have made me stop imposing power into my fate;

Thank you for breakups for they have opened me to the possibility to re-build my surroundings differently;

Thank you for the acute loneliness that ate me from inside for it made me less accepting of letting whoever comes into my life;

Thank you for freezing Moldovan winter for I have got to meet the warmth of Greek welcoming sun;

And thank you for the slow pace of the Greek system for I have learned the beauty of non hurry;

Thank you for the sunset friendships, for they have offered me space for new sunrises with people I have been meeting ever since;

Thank you for my most desperate days for they have made search within, bumping into the only creativity I discovered in myself and that is writing;

Thank you for the long roads I got to take for I know now the beauty of arriving at a destination, eventually a home;

Thank you for those sleepless nights, for I know now the beauty of a full moon.

Cristina Hiraeth is a linguist by education, storyteller by passion and lindy hopper by spirit.

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