Thank You For Showing Me What Real Love Truly Is

Victoria Zeoli
Victoria Zeoli

I don’t know what happened
with my life at some point.
I think I had some sort of an accident
that made all of my senses
get into some sort of coma.

Somehow, when you walked in my life
with the same lever of spontaneity
as that accident,
you woke all my senses up,

In all this time,
I’ve been using my reason so much
because I wasn’t feeling.
I saw people as
The fact that they were so full of
feelings and emotions
made me think they were empty,
when in reality
I was the empty one.

The way I feel your skin
on mine
makes me think
your blood boils everywhere in your body
and me, as cold as I am, bring balance
to you.

The way I follow your smell
until it overflows my head
and gets me drunk
makes me think
I don’t want to find myself sober again.

The way I taste you,
ending my hunger of everything
makes me think
eating regular is just
trivial, compared to the joy
of sinning by consuming
your flesh.

The way I hear you
calling my name,
even better: screaming it,
makes me think
you are my favorite song
ever made.

And the way I see you
smiling, laughing,
searching for my eyes
makes me think
light isn’t enough
compared to you shining,
the dark isn’t deep enough
to bury my look into it.

That’s it.
Thank you for awakening
my senses.

As a reward, I’m giving you the power
to send them back to sleep. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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