5 Struggles Only People Who Need More DJ Khaled Content Understand

DJ Khaled: he the best. Or is he? Sometimes there just isn’t enough DJ Khaled content on the web to keep us going, to keep us asking the questions that really matter. Here are just a few of those struggles that only those of us who are perpetually in need of more Khaled will understand.

1. The struggle of not knowing who is taking over

DJ Khaled was taking over for so long — him and Lil Wayne, it was them and us against the world. But in a Khaled-less world, who will take over? ISIS? The scientologists? Where does the madness end?

2. The struggle of this video not being 10 minutes longer

3. The struggle of not knowing who’s the best

See number one. Without Khaled to be the best, who *is* the best? Surely not ‘we.’ Someone genuinely good could step in and be the best — can we really handle that?

4. The struggle of not having enough pinky rings to put on your Pinterest board

Like, look at this inspo:

HipHop Wired
HipHop Wired

5. The eternal hangover that is the absence of Khaled


If Khaled himself hasn’t recovered, how can we ever heal? I just don’t know. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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