17 Classic New Jersey Arguments No Other State Understands

New Jersey is a state that contains multitudes…of self-righteous attitude: from the Seaside Heights shore crowd, to the northern low key aristocrats, to the southern Philadelphia sports fan separatists, Jersey surely has someone for everyone — so long as you can hold your own in a fight. Not Jersey Shore fist fights, though; real New Jersey residents can argue over anything, and will do so passionately until no one wins — it’s all for sport. Here are a few petty — yet curiously crucial and exhilarating on a small scale — arguments you’d hear in the garden state.
The Sopranos
The Sopranos

1. Pork roll vs. Taylor Ham

2. Does central Jersey exist?

3. ”Going the shore” vs. “going to the beach”

4. Wawa vs. Quick Check

5. Subs vs. heroes vs. hoagies

6. Does anyone actually say “Joisey?”

7. Is there such a thing as a Jersey accent?

8. Should we pump our own gas?

9. How to use a traffic circle in general

10. Jughandles vs. whatever anyone else says

11. Was “Jersey Shore” okay?

12. Should Pennsylvania drivers be allowed in the left lane?

13. Where *is* the best pizza though?

14. Jimmies vs. Sprinkles

15. Bennies vs. Everyone else who doesn’t live on the shore

16. North Jersey accents like “Ayyynd then she said” vs. South Jersey accents like “I have to go get my pho-ahn, I left it at ho-am.”

17. Who’s worse: us or Delaware?*

*(Always Delaware.) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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