10 Refreshingly Honest Lyrics From Love Songs That Aren’t Boring

It’s hard to be honest about love without being cheesy. The following songs cover every emotional state of love and all that surrounds it: being sprung, frontin, crushing into another dimension, wanting to leave the country, being heartbroken, and finally, just being totally stupid in love with a total babe. Listen and make out.

1. Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment – Sunday Candy

I come to church for the candy, your peppermints is the truth
I’m pessimistic on Monday if I had tweaked and missed you
I like my love with a budget, I like my hugs with a scent
You smell like, light, gas, water, electricity, rent
You sound like why the gospel choir got so tired
Singin his praises daily basis so I gotta try it
You’re my dreamcatcher, dream team, team captain

2. Make Me Proud- Drake ft. Nicki Minaj

I know things get hard
But girl you got it, girl you got it there you go
Can’t you tell by how they looking at you everywhere you go
Wondering what’s on your mind, it must be hard to be that fine,
When all these motherfuckas wanna waste your time
It’s just amazing, girl, and all I can say is…
I’m so, I’m so, I’m so, I’m so,
I’m so proud of you
Everything’s adding up, you’ve been through hell and back
That’s why you’re bad as fuck, and you know you are

3. Das Racist – Girl

I’m into seeing you
Like all of the time
Inside jokes in all of my rhymes
More dime than all of the dimes
Runnin’ round like all of my mind
Let’s get sweaty like how a sauna do
Whatchu wanna do?
I know what I wanna do

4. You Da One – Rihanna

And yes I’m kinda crazy
That’s what happens baby
When you put it down
You shouldn’t give it to me
Good like that
Shouldn’t hit it like that
Had me yellin’ like that
Didn’t know you would’ve had me coming back

5. M.I.A. – Takes A Muscle

When everybody leaves you lonely
Times are worse than sad
And the world is falling on your head
Just remember that for all you know
Good or bad, come what may
You’re gonna live tomorrow if you don’t die today
It takes a muscle to fall in love

6. Paris – Friendly Fires (Aeroplane Remix)


One day we’re gonna live in Paris
I promise, I’m on it
When I’m bringing in the money
I promise, I’m on it
So go and pack your bags
For the long haul
We’re gonna lose ourselves
I promise
This time it’s you and me for evermore
And every night we’ll watch the stars
They’ll be out for us

7. Miguel – Do You… (Cashmere Cat Remix)


Have you ever felt alone?
Do you still believe in love?
But do you like drugs, do you like drugs
Yeah, well me too, me too, me too babe
Me too, me too
Do you like love, do you like love?
Yeah, well me too, me too
It’s what we gonna do

8. Neon Indian – “Sleep Paralysist”


Don’t sleep
Won’t be you when I’m awake so just
don’t sleep
In the morning this’ll all seem fake so
don’t sleep
Won’t be you when I’m awake so just
don’t sleep
In the morning this’ll all seem fake so

9. I’m Sorry I Love You – The Magnetic Fields

Well I’m sorry that I love you
It’s a phase that I’m going through
There is nothing that I can do
and I’m sorry that I love you
Do not listen to my song
Don’t remember it, don’t sing along
Let’s pretend it’s a work of art
Let’s pretend it’s not my heart

10. Ridin – Lana Del Rey

Pick me up after school, actin’ kinda shady
You’re the coolest kid in town, I’m your little lady
He’s sick and I’m kissin’ him, magical musician, I’m
Drivin’ at the cinema, lovin’ him and lickin’ him
He’s my lovely life saver
Doesn’t mind my bad behavior Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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