Watch What Happens When A University Turns Their Library Into A Nightclub

Pretty bummed that my alma mater—Rutgers University, the state school of New Jersey—decided to cave in and turn our main library into a nightclub a year and a half after I graduated. Come on, you guys. I cried in those stacks way too many times for you to do me like this. The library-turned-nightclub happened as a result of the very simple campus joke that entails referring to Alexander Library affectionately as ‘Club Alex.’

I think this event is an awesome example of how institutions can listen to their students outside of the classroom to create memorable experiences that aren’t just hacky done-to-death #college concepts, like “Lua On The Lawn (aka Let’s All Wear Leis LOL!!!)” From my perspective, Rutgers Student Life is great at providing programming tailored to what the student body is interested in, both academically and otherwise. I didn’t participate in seemingly dumb-fun college events enough in my three-ish years of state school, so take this video as a note for both institutions and their students: pay attention, listen, have fun, and do more. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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