21 Questions Only Dogs Can Answer


1. Who’s a good dog?!

2. Who’s the cutest?

3. Who’s a good boy?

4. Who wants a kiss?

5. Who gives the best kisses?

6. Ooooh, does someone want a belly rub?

7. Who’s there?

8. Oh, is someone hungry?

9. Who wants to go for a walk?

10. Who wants a treat?

11. Who’s a little chunk?

12. Where’s the ball?

13. Where is it?

14. What does it all mean?

15. Who validates me when no one else will?

16. Who gets to lick my face even though they give themselves tongue baths all the time?

17. What’s it feel like to only care about food and never work, really?

18. Will anyone ever depend on me the way you do—is this the purest love there is?

19. What’s the point of anything?

20. Where’s the body?

21. Who’s. The. Cutest?! Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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