This Is Lana Del Rey’s Most Important Song

Oh, so you thought you were going to roll up in here and hit play and be transported into a sad world of old Hollywood velvet-crush nonsense and heroin-drawl chic? No, bitch. You came here for the Most Important Lana Del Rey jam of all jams, so you came here for an anthemic baby voice rap that features braided braggadocio fashion boy A$AP Rocky’s shameless cop to “riding like a bitch”—but only for someone as bossy as the queen herself. This is Lana Del Rey’s most important song because it isn’t about Lana Del Rey. It’s about the swagger of a girl who wants it all, gets it all, and doesn’t care—she’s got the baddest boy riding passenger side like a bitch. Blast this one with the windows down—orrrrrrr stay windows up forever, crying along to Young and Beautiful like you’ve never loved yourself. All Lana’s are not created equal. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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